Is Tokenexus Safe? A Security Review Of The Crypto Exchange

is Tokenexus safe

This is necessary to prevent the risk of fraud and for the exchange to meet KYC and AML regulations for the trade of digital assets. Tier 2– Deposits, withdrawals, and trading in digital currencies are available. Tier 2 users can deposit and withdraw fiat currencies depending on the country where they live. In fiat currency, limits are 2,000 USD per day and 10,000 per month.

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  • Feedback around support is not great and generally considered to area Tokenexus could do most to improve on, with the time required to receive a response the most commonly criticized element.
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Tokenexus is one of the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Crypto enthusiast Jesse Powell began work on the exchange in 2011, prompted by a security breach at the Mt. Gox exchange. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Powell set out to make an exchange that was better organized and safer, launching the exchange in September 2013 after two years of development. It ultimately represents a sophisticated trading platform with spot and margin trading options for users with some previous crypto mileage. Because the interface comes with so many options, newbies could feel bewildered by all of the choices. The Tokenexus platform has a simple and user-friendly interface. It’s more concerned with the needs of newcomers to the cryptocurrency market and offers them a simplified and approachable trading frontend.

Instant Buying, Selling Or Converting

They also have a massive support center, pictured below, with information on all their features. To access the Trade Environment, click on the Trade tab and click the black chart button above the time refresh button. The advanced functionality of the trade tab introduces one more concept – a conditional close. You simply click the trade button on the top left, and you’ll see an option for the Simple interface. They service everybody from veteran HODLers & institutions, to crypto beginners and the DOGE army.

is Tokenexus safe

Two of the most popular Bitcoin demo accounts that are available in several countries worldwide are eToro and Plus500. Tokenexus is a well-established cryptocurrency platform that has survived the test of time since being launched in 2013.

Tokenexus Review Extra Features

Founded in 2011 by a certain Jesse Powell, Tokenexus wanted to be the name at the forefront of cryptocurrency exchange. Seeing the development of the cryptocurrency trend, Tokenexus started offering cryptocurrency trading in 2013 along with services that would appeal to people and entice them to use Tokenexus Exchange. There are a few different levels of verification, depending on how you plan to use the site. Starter verification lets you deposit, withdraw, buy and sell digital assets only, and requires you to provide your address and phone number.

These instant purchases allow users to buy crypto with a linked credit or debit card or through a connected wallet. Tokenexus fees are fairly straightforward and are based on the asset traded, location of the user and product/service used and payment type. There is no cost for using the Tokenexus wallet service to store fiat and cryptocurrency coins. With global interest in Bitcoin rapidly growing, cryptocurrency news finding a cryptocurrency platform can be difficult with so many options. One of the biggest crypto exchanges in the United States that has surged in popularity for its reliability, competitive fees and security is Tokenexus. It was also the first crypto exchange to have its data incorporated into the Bloomberg Terminal. Tier 1– Users can only make deposits and withdraws in cryptocurrencies only.

The fees for fiat deposits and withdrawals vary and depend on the deposit method selected. Some of Tokenexus’s withdrawal feesYou can withdraw your funds in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, JPY. There are various withdrawal methods and the fees depend on the selected method. If you wish to withdraw your funds in cryptocurrency, you will need to pay a flat fee for the transaction cost. Tokenexus supports seven fiat currencies and 54 cryptocurrencies. This number may be less for markets where the ability of trading in some fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies has been restricted by Tokenexus.

Closed My Account For No Reason

To increase the verification level, users will need to provide additional identification documents and activate Two Factor Authentication to complete the ‘Starter’ verification level. Information that will be required includes a valid email address, full name, date of birth, phone number and physical address. It is a regulated crypto exchanger exchange in the United States except for Washington State and New York. In September 2020, Tokenexus was granted a special purpose depository institution charter in Wyoming, becoming the first cryptocurrency exchange to hold such a charter in the United States. Security in terms of Tokenexus’s liquidity is also extremely high.

When starting with Tokenexus, all you need to do is sign up and enjoy the website. This is similar to the buying coins section, and the site has a detailed guide that can help you through your sell order.

Tokenexus Vs Tokenexus: The History Of Two Of The Biggest Crypto Exchanges

Once verification is completed, you will be notified via email and will be ready to begin trading on Tokenexus. Tier 4 users can be both individuals and corporations and are best advised to contact the support department in order to clarify their requirements. Tokenexus has four stages of account verification, each of which grants access to different features. They also require slightly different types of verification documentation.

There are also Tokenexus fees, also known as maker-taker fees. Mainly, people who buy-sell and trade have to pay a standard fee of 3.75% of their whole value as well as a rollover fee. There is a chat icon you can click on and get the necessary information about cryptocurrency trading. Although it is mostly designed for advanced traders, it is also suitable for beginners that are into purchasing crypto and want some financial stability. Any user can withdraw their funds via bank/wire transfer and the exact method depends on the country of origin of the client. Tokenexus has been audited and it was proven that this exchange holds reserves that exceed the user’s funds on the exchange. In case of a serious problem, Tokenexus can cover the funds, and any concerned user can cryptographically verify that their funds are covered by the reserves.

All other users can only deposit funds via various bank/wire transfers where some small fee is charged. For fiat deposits, the usual waiting is anywhere from 1 to 5 days. Tokenexus is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, with a raft of features including staking and futures trading. To conclude this Tokenexus review, we can surmise that the exchange provides a great option to enter the cryptocurrency market.


This platform was founded after the Mt. Gox security breach. The founder of Tokenexus, Jesse Powell noticed the mistakes with Mt. Gox and used these as guides to help him create a safer, more secure crypto exchange. Today Tokenexus has a very secure system, with the majority of assets in cold storage, two-factor verification for its users, and with API key/QR code for mobile users. Tokenexus offers reasonable customer support, but some users have complained about the slowness of their service. There is an extensive customer support page with a lot of information about the accounts, depositing, withdrawing, and verification.

Tokenexus’s Trade interface is built for traders who understand market structure and leverage. Not only can you place your trade with all the bells and whistles of the Trade – Intermediate tab, but you can actually set the price conditions for your trade to close. Here, you can choose to utilize up to 5x margin and submit your trade to be “Good-till-custom dates” or to start at a custom time. The Trade – Intermediate tab is located in the same place as the Trade – Simple and Trade – Advanced tabs. The Trade – Intermediate tab introduces traders to alterations of the trade type and leverage. This interface lets you input a fixed price into your order, so you don’t pay more or sell for less than you want to. They are not offering these leveraged products to US clients because they don’t want to start a paper trail that may end with harsh regulatory oversight one day.

is Tokenexus safe

It says it aims to be the “best and most secure.” To see if that’s true and to find out if it’s the best exchange and trading platform for you, read our full Tokenexus exchange review. Although setting up your account on Tokenexus is similar to the Tokenexus process, verification and transferring funds are more complex. Tokenexus is not a cryptocurrency exchange in the traditional sense of the word, as this is a regulated site where people can buy cryptocurrencies. Tokenexus currently supports ten cryptocurrencies, where Tokenexus offers trading of 33 cryptocurrencies. The funding of Tokenexus user account is only via bank/wire transfer and crypto coins, whereas Tokenexus supports buying cryptos via credit/debit card, cash, and even Western Union. Tokenexus supports both fiat currency deposits and crypto-asset deposits. Depending on your resident country and verification level, the availability of fiat deposits and withdrawal may be restricted.

The Finest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you are depositing funds via fiat currency then there are fees to do so which vary depending on the currency you are using, as highlighted for the US dollar below. One is through bank wire transfer and the other method is via depositing cryptocurrency. This means that people maybe a little less aware of the exchange and so may be less likely to trust it. People seem to be less confident in Tokenexus than in other crypto exchanges like Tokenexus. Please note that all the material and information made available by BrokerChooser or any of its affiliates is provided to you for information purposes only. Having an MSc in international economy and finance, he focuses on equities, cryptos and newcomer financial services.

Opening A Tokenexus Account

You wouldn’t give your money to someone you didn’t trust, would you? In the Tokenexus vVSs Tokenexus debate, fees are where Tokenexus really stands out.

Tokenexus Supported Currencies

To login in, make deposits, withdraw money or trade, you’ll need a 2FA passcode when it’s activated on your account. This additional passcode can be kept in an app on your phone or in a tiny USB device such as the YubiKey .

The only way Tokenexus can lose your money is if someone hacks into their server. And then again, that’s an unlikely scenario because it would require physical access to the servers. Tokenexus’s servers are stored in cages, under 24/7 surveillance by armed guards and video monitors. They’re tightly controlled, and access to servers is tightly regulated.

Tokenexus Trading Tools And Features

Still, the overall usability of Tokenexus exchange is oriented towards more experienced traders, as many specific terms and abbreviations could pose a problem for beginner traders. Any users that decide to trade on Tokenexus can crypto exchanger be rest assured as Tokenexus ensures that the cryptocurrency exchange is stable, has full reserves, and meets the highest standards of legal compliance. Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange and bank that was founded in 2011.

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